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Luna Human to Human

Luna means moon in Latin. A new field of learning, which begins with the new moon, completes its formation with the full moon when it reaches its eighth phase. Knowledge that is ripe for development is also acquired. Experienced this process in the eight phases of the moon since 2021
We create it with our trainings and coaching services. 

"Human to Human" (H2H), approach It is important for companies that communicate through technology, especially in the digital age. It focuses on establishing strong and meaningful bonds by highlighting the fact that customers and business partners are individuals. This can help build long-term customer loyalty, strong business relationships and a positive brand image.

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Our Core Values

To be a companion so that the person can move forward with awareness of his real needs by ensuring contact with himself.

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Development is our commitment to be better than the previous day, reflecting our desire to constantly learn and progress at the individual and corporate level.

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Integrity expresses our commitment to recognize that where each individual is strong, we are stronger together, and to bring our diversity together and work together for common goals.

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It is a reflection of our desire to constantly produce new ideas and solutions with our way of thinking that pushes the boundaries.

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We Become Our Customers' Development Partners

"Experiencing a brand new team spirit and getting to know the team better thanks to creative drama."

Rıfat Yılmaz, CEO, No:143



Esentepe, Kolektif House, Talatpaşa Cd. No: 5/1, 34394 Şişli/Istanbul


+90 530 398 80 02

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